The Safety Record: SRS’s bi-monthly newsletter covers the “inside baseball” of motor vehicle and product safety with a particular emphasis on important industry trends, defects, government activities, and related litigation. (The Safety Record V3 I1)

Rulemaking Analyses: Safety Research & Strategies Rulemaking Analyses chronicle the history and development of important Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and manufacturers’ positions throughout the process. These analyses provide an understanding of the requirements, how the requirements developed, and the manufacturers’ and their association’s points of view on key issues.

Rulemaking Analyses can be tailored to the issues that are most important to you.  Whether you need to know how the roof strength rule developed and who influenced it; why the federal rulemaking has never yielded a vehicle stability standard, and manufacturer’s positions on stability and rollover warning labels during the last 20 years–our Rulemaking Analyses can answer your questions and provide important insight into the process that led to the promulgation of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Each Rulemaking Analysis is available on CD and contains a summary of regulatory activities and links to original source documents.  All materials are in an easy-to-use and searchable Adobe PDF format.

A Brief Overview of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Rulemaking Process

Safety Issue Reviews and Chronologies: Safety Research & Strategies traces important safety issues providing an overview chronology based on a wide array of sources ranging from worldwide published literature, government documents, litigation, and marketing materials.  We track what was known, when it was known, and important details that help the reader understand the current state of the problem.

Available Safety Issue Reviews and Chronologies