Safety Research & Strategies is an active advocate for motor vehicle safety. Our efforts to improve public safety include special investigations, media campaigns, public speaking engagements and submissions to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  We specialize in issues that are important, but may receive less recognition from other organizations.

President and founder Sean Kane has been personally responsible for numerous recalls, including an historic vehicle buy-back program, involving millions of tires and vehicles.

SRS has also been involved in:

Changing the date-of-manufacture code on tires to make them easy for consumers to understand and advocating for consumer information on the hazards of tire age degradation.

The effort to preserve NHTSA’s records – an important resource that provides historical context to complex safety issues.

Identifying and advocating for change to the failed tire recall system and RFID in tires.

Closing regulatory loopholes that allow manufacturers to put in fewer seatbelts than their seats can accommodate, leaving some middle position rear occupants without any restraint system.

Advocating for public access to critical Early Warning Reporting Data.

Advocating for improving NHTSA’s Roof Strength rule.

Identifying the continuing hazards associated with recalled Firestone ATX and Wilderness and the recall renotification campaign in 2006.

For detailed summaries and links to some of SRS’ advocacy work, click below:

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