Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fact-based investigation, research and analysis on a variety of safety issues related to motor vehicles, consumer and industrial products, and medical devices. We are a small, multi-disciplinary team that brings together a wide variety of complementary skills. The backgrounds of our staff include careers in safety advocacy, injury biomechanics and biomedical research, library and information science, statistics, software and systems engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive electronics diagnostics, product liability and consumer law, supplier quality and process, and journalism.

We blend our core competencies with a dedication to thoroughness, accuracy and efficiency to bring our clients the relevant information and insight they need. Our staff is united in its commitment to advancing harm reduction and prevention and improved public health – whether through consulting in product liability, consumer class action and other civil litigation, or providing product investigation, testing and regulatory evaluations for engineering, technology and supplier companies. We are also active participants in rulemaking, legislation, and public awareness campaigns, often as pro bono consumer advocates.

Safety Research & Strategies has an extensive and diverse staff. Our staff members and consultants are highly experienced in a variety of technical, legal and research fields. Our diversity and experience give Safety Research & Strategies a flexibility and reach few can match.