Safety Strategies

Structuring and Implementing Plans to Improve Product Safety and Practices

Biomechanical Analysis & Injury Review

Providing a Cost-effective Approach to Understanding Injury Causation

Vehicle and Product Safety

Detailed Analysis and Evaluation of Product Failures

Vehicle and Product Safety

In-depth Research and Analysis that Brings Clarity to Complex Issues

Vehicle and Product Safety Inspection

Inspection Protocols, Identifying and Analyzing Stored Data and Evaluating Failures

Vehicle and Product Safety Defects

Global Research Covering Defect History, Standards and Regulations, and Alternative Design

Safety Matters.

We provide research, investigation, analysis, strategies, and advocacy on safety matters. Including motor vehicle issues, consumer, medical, industrial, farm, and construction product safety. We work with clients to help them understand the history surrounding issues that cause injuries and fatalities, to resolve safety issues, and to promote safety and reduce harm.

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Investigative Insights

Celebrating David Biss, Automotive Safety Pioneer, Advocate, and All-Around Good Guy

The automotive safety community is remembering David James Biss  as a researcher, safety advocate, a crashworthiness and occupant protection expert, whose analyses made significant contributions to outing defective designs, and a kind and gentle man. Biss passed away on Feb. 15, at age 79, of  complications from multiple myeloma. Over a wide-ranging, half-century career, Biss […]


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NHTSA’s (Not/Can’t Be) On It: Hyundai-Kia Vehicles With Substandard Theft Protection Continue to Wreak Havoc

The Hyundai Kia theft saga greeted the new year with a bang. Among other things: deaths in crashes involving stolen vehicles, an alleged kidnapping involving a theft attempt, a new municipal lawsuit, and another bright idea from Hyundai and Kia to protect vehicles which could not be fixed with a software upgrade – that will, […]


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The Hyundai Kia Theft Mayhem Continues; SRS Keeps NHTSA Apprised

On April 27, Safety Research & Strategies petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for rulemaking to revise the compliance test for FMVSS 114, Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention. The request was prompted by the rising crashes, deaths and injuries linked to Hyundai/Kia vehicles with inadequate theft protection, and by NHTSA’s reluctance to take any […]


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