Biomechanical Analysis & Injury Review

Providing a Cost-effective Approach to Understanding Injury Causation

Vehicle and Product Safety Defects

Global Research Covering Defect History, Standards and Regulations, and Alternative Design

Vehicle and Product Safety Inspection

Inspection Protocols, Identifying and Analyzing Stored Data and Evaluating Failures

Safety Strategies

Structuring and Implementing Plans to Improve Product Safety and Practices

Vehicle and Product Safety

Detailed Analysis and Evaluation of Product Failures

Vehicle and Product Safety

In-depth Research and Analysis that Brings Clarity to Complex Issues

Safety Matters.

We provide research, investigation, analysis, strategies, and advocacy on safety matters. Including motor vehicle issues, consumer, medical, industrial, farm, and construction product safety. We work with clients to help them understand the history surrounding issues that cause injuries and fatalities, to resolve safety issues, and to promote safety and reduce harm.

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Investigative Insights

The Amazing Shrinking 114

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 114 Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention began its life in 1969 as solely a theft protection standard in response to a wave of amateur car thieves and the attendant mayhem on the road. By the late 1980s, that rule began to tackle the problem of rollaways caused by the […]


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BMW Liable in 2018 Fatal Rollaway Incident

A state court jury has awarded $9.7 million in damages to the family of Jose Chicas, a New Mexico man who died under the wheels of a rollaway 2015 BMW X5 nearly five years ago. The December 14 verdict came after an 11-day trial, in which the jury recognized that BMW was aware of the […]


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Hyundai-Kia and NHTSA Announce Software Fix for Deadly Theft Epidemic, but No Recall

Fourteen crashes, eight deaths, uninsurable vehicles and auto theft numbers through the roof – that’s the mayhem trailing traditionally keyed, unprotected Hyundai-Kias that appear to violate Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 114 Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention. But press releases from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the automaker describe the rollout of a […]


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