Vehicle and Product Safety Defects

Global Research Covering Defect History, Standards and Regulations, and Alternative Design

Vehicle and Product Safety

Detailed Analysis and Evaluation of Product Failures

Vehicle and Product Safety Inspection

Inspection Protocols, Identifying and Analyzing Stored Data and Evaluating Failures

Vehicle and Product Safety

In-depth Research and Analysis that Brings Clarity to Complex Issues

Safety Strategies

Structuring and Implementing Plans to Improve Product Safety and Practices

Biomechanical Analysis & Injury Review

Providing a Cost-effective Approach to Understanding Injury Causation

Safety Matters.

We provide research, investigation, analysis, strategies, and advocacy on safety matters. Including motor vehicle issues, consumer, medical, industrial, farm, and construction product safety. We work with clients to help them understand the history surrounding issues that cause injuries and fatalities, to resolve safety issues, and to promote safety and reduce harm.

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Investigative Insights

NHTSA Releases New Rollaway Stats

It’s been four years since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published an analysis of Non-Traffic Surveillance Data, which includes an estimate of the annual toll of rollaway injury and deaths. But the newest numbers are out, and despite some wonky data – blamed on the pandemic – rollaway is pretty much the same threat […]


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Congress Forces NHTSA to Address Keyless Safety Hazards. One Automaker’s Approach Shows Why Regulations Matter

It took an act of Congress, but within the next 18 months, NHTSA is supposed to promulgate a new law compelling manufacturers to implement an automatic engine idle shutdown for keyless ignition vehicles. In two months, NHTSA is supposed to submit a report on anti-rollaway technology to Congress. In the meantime, some manufacturers have already […]


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Technology Has Made Rollaways Easier; Technology Can Prevent Them

Neil Black, Tom Mueller On February 25, Ken Rothfield was backing down his driveway at about 7:30 a.m., and noticed that there was barely enough room to ease his vehicle between the brick wall jutting out to his left, and his wife’s Toyota on the right. He pulled a bit forward of the wall, with […]


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