Team of Consultants

Our Technical Consultants
Our team of technical and legal consultants has decades of experience in the aerospace, automotive and legal industries, bringing a unique combination of skills and expertise to the task of understanding product defects from their design to their manufacture to their performance in the field.

Mechanical Engineering
Our mechanical engineering consultants have a combined century of working with automobile and component manufacturers, employed in critical engineering management positions. In addition, they hold or have collaborated on nearly 100 granted or pending U.S. and foreign patents for a wide variety of inventions from vehicle crash performance to controls.

Their specialties include product design, development and manufacturing, and project engineering in all aspects of body structures and crash integrity, including as Program Management and Design Release Engineers on multiple passenger car and light truck programs for OEMs and engineering quality, prototyping, costing and marketing with Tier 1 suppliers. Working with Safety Research & Strategies, they bring additional context and insight that comes with first-hand involvement in developing, testing and manufacturing motor vehicles and component parts and assemblies for OEMs.

Supplier Quality Engineering
Our supplier quality engineering team has extensive backgrounds in supplier quality management and documentation with Tier 1 automotive suppliers. Their projects have included training OEM staff in Design for Six Sigma and Taguchi quality methods, and managing Production Part Approval Processes.

Software/Systems Engineering
Members of our software/systems engineering team have served in a variety of roles including architectural and operations project management, project engineering, and software Lead and cost management in the aerospace industry. Projects have included controls for autonomous space vehicles, and embedded control systems for laser and avionics.

With backgrounds in software systems engineering in aerospace, our consultants bring decades of experience in breaking down and understanding complex vehicle control system problems and failure modes. We work with our software consultants to provide clients with structured, economical approaches to researching and identifying potential root cause failures in electronic control systems and software, including through the development of analytical tools, testing and mitigation analysis. They further aid in understanding technical documentation and procedures and policies.

Our legal consultants have experience writing pleadings, briefs and memoranda for state and federal courts, and researching, writing and editing for legal associations about product defects, motor vehicle defect litigation, and consumer class actions. Their specialties at Safety Research & Strategies are applied to researching and writing in response to jurisdictional Motions to Dismiss, drafting discovery, researching other similar product safety litigation and corporate and legal entity filings.    

Our Services
Today’s safety issues are complex. At Safety Research & Strategies, we specialize in bringing clarity to a complex picture. Our multi-disciplinary team can help you understand what you need to know and why and can efficiently identify the information and answers that matter. Whether it’s in context of product liability litigation, policy initiatives, or product development, with our global reach and vast network of resources, we take you inside the problem.

Research & Investigation
We can help you understand any one piece of the picture or put it all together in a comprehensive report to document who knew what, when, and where about a safety issue.

Safety Research & Strategies provides research and investigation of products and practices that can answer questions like:  

  • How long has an industry or a company known about a defect?
  • What has been the government response?
  • What is the regulatory history?
  • What literature and data are available globally and what can be learned from them?
  • What standards or guidelines are applicable in the U.S. and worldwide?
  • Who manufactures/imports this product?
  • Are there other similar failures with a specific or similar product?
  • What data is stored on a vehicle or product and how is it retrieved and interpreted?
  • What is the patent and trademark history?

Analysis and Product Evaluation/Testing
Safety Research & Strategies provides detailed analyses as well as product evaluation and testing that includes:

  • Incident/crash analysis
  • Biomechanical injury analysis
  • Vehicle/product testing
  • Software/electronic module analysis and testing
  • Protocols for obtaining stored data in vehicle and product electronics from Event Data Recorders to control module diagnostics
  • Analysis of vehicle/product EDR, diagnostics and other stored data

Litigation Support
Safety Research & Strategies litigation research and support services leverage our staff’s legal training with our technical and product safety experience to provide a thorough economical approach to supporting complex litigation, including:

  • Case screening and evaluation
  • Identifying defendants
  • Research and writing briefs in jurisdictional challenges
  • Mediation and settlement packages
  • Targeted discovery
  • Document review
  • Deposition preparation
  • Identifying the most relevant testifying experts
  • Assessing case value