Our Team

Safety Research & Strategies has an extensive and diverse staff. Our staff members and consultants are highly experienced in a variety of technical, legal, and research fields. Our diversity and experience give Safety Research & Strategies flexibility and reach few can match. Please meet the team at SRS by clicking on their bios below. 

Sean Kane is a researcher and advocate with 30 years of experience raising the profile of safety hazards and advancing solutions. He combined his interest in automobiles with social justice in 1991, when he began his work at the Center for Auto Safety, an advocacy organization established by Ralph Nader in Washington D.C. Kane is the founder and president of Safety Research & Strategies, Inc. He is also the founder and board member of The Safety Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has a particular interest in injury prevention and emerging technologies.

Kane’s investigations and analyses have prompted numerous federal safety probes and led to recalls of tens of millions of vehicles, tires and consumer products. He has testified before Congress, and regularly provides information and data to lawmakers and federal and state agencies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Kane has advised all fifty states’ Attorneys General, the National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. Government Accounting Office, and U.S. DOT Office of Inspector General. He is a frequent source and commentator for the broadcast and print media on product safety matters and is the editor of The Safety Record, a publication and blog covering the inside baseball of motor vehicle and product safety.

Kane manages and directs hundreds of projects each year on a wide-range of issues. Working with Safety Research & Strategies team members and consultants, he specializes in finding and assimilating many pixels of information and data necessary to assemble a cogent and clear picture. Kane is continually motivated to support efforts aimed at researching and understanding the root causes of harm and how to apply that understanding to mitigation and prevention.

Neil Black holds a Bachelor of Arts in Automotive Technology and a Master of Science in Education and is ASE Certified A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, and G1 technician. Black served as a dealership technician, and as a university-level instructor in a four-year BA program, teaching automotive electronics principles and diagnostics. He specializes in the analysis of diagnostic data and root cause evaluation in conjunction with other electronic data and physical evidence in a post-incident environment.

Ann Boudreau has worked at Safety Research & Strategies since 2001. Ms. Boudreau is the office manager, providing a wide range of research and administrative support. She specializes in locating Other Similar Incident documents, crash reports, and government records.

Felix Click holds a Master of Library and Information Studies, and served as a research assistant in several academic and specialized research settings. Click’s projects have included identifying trends in large datasets including US Census, national longitudinal surveys, and federal transportation and safety databases, collecting data for large longitudinal studies using existing protocols, and designing updated variables and measures to modernize the study. He also has experience designing and managing topical databases. At Safety Research & Strategies, Click organizes and maintains unique collections of historical data and documents related to safety matters and products, including marketing and training materials, technical literature, and corporate records. He specializes in identifying, analyzing, and managing injury and fatality data from government and proprietary sources associated with motor vehicles, consumer products, industrial/commercial machines, medical devices, fires, and workplace hazards.

Tony DiViesti holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Juris Doctor. He has more than 25 years investigating automotive and consumer product defects, and has inspected and documented hundreds of post-crash vehicles and crash scenes. At Safety Research & Strategies, DiViesti specializes in crash analysis, vehicle inspections, EDR evaluation, legal and technical document review, and import and supply chain tracking. In addition, he spent eight years designing and manufacturing computer connectors. He holds six U.S. patents on connector designs and one patent for a fuel system cut-off design.

Ellen Liberman holds a Master of Science in Journalism and has more than 36 years’ experience reporting and writing for major publications, including The Providence Journal, The Boston Globe, The Baltimore Sun, and Mother Jones magazine. She currently publishes as a politics and policy columnist for a regional magazine. Her coverage areas include elected government, product safety, the environment, and regulatory agencies. Ms. Liberman also served as a radio producer for an NPR member station and as a broadcast journalist in three markets. At Safety Research & Strategies, Liberman specializes in regulatory and product defect histories, policy analysis, and writes for the Safety Record Blog.

Erica Little holds a Master of Library and Information Science and has a background in quality control and compliance. At Safety Research & Strategies, she specializes in locating data and information from an extensive and diverse global network of automotive, medical, engineering, and business references to support thorough and targeted research projects. Little also provides context for the research she performs, including analyses and evaluations of the multitude of sources and their relevancy to a topic. She also maintains and organizes the vast and varied library collections at Safety Research & Strategies.

Thomas Morehouse holds a Bachelor of Arts in History. He specializes in database and document organization and management. Morehouse is also instrumental in getting the final work product out in short order.

Salena Zellers has a Master of Science in Biomechanical Engineering with more than 30 years of wide-ranging, in-depth experience in clinical and experimental testing, as well as surveillance and epidemiological studies related to injury prevention and control. Projects have included studies of pelvic and lower extremity fractures and anthropometry, pediatric injury biomechanics, and research and development aimed at new product launches in the biomedical industry. She is the founder and president of BioInjury, LLC. As a consultant with Safety Research & Strategies, Zellers specialties include identifying and analyzing injury mechanisms and their causes and countermeasures and evaluating regulations and standards related to injury reduction and prevention. She also analyzes biomedical products from the research phase through to their real-world performance, including potential or alleged product defects, product design and premarket research/clinical studies, FDA approval, adverse reports, recalls, and the management of product failures in the face of litigation.