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Our mission is providing fact-based research and analysis on injuries associated with product hazards ranging from motor vehicle to consumer and industrial products to medical devices. We are a small multi-disciplinary team that brings together various and complementary skills. The backgrounds of our staff include careers in safety advocacy, biomechanics and biomedical research, engineering, law, library and information science, and journalism.

We blend our core competencies with a dedication to thoroughness and accuracy to efficiently bring our clients the relevant information and insight they need. Our staff is united in its commitment to advancing injury prevention and improved consumer safety – whether it is though civil litigation, rulemaking, legislation or public awareness campaigns. Our diversity and experience give Safety Research & Strategies a flexibility and reach few can match.

Mr. Kane’s efforts have prompted numerous federal safety probes. His independent investigations and analyses of vehicle defects have led to recalls of tens of millions of vehicles and components that have inflicted serious and deadly injuries to consumers, including from heater core ruptures, engine fires, failed electronics, tires and tire valves. For example, in July 2000 Kane was instrumental in revealing to U.S. consumers the dangers of Ford Explorers equipped with Firestone tires. His research on Ford’s overseas recalls led to Congressional hearings and the eventual passage of the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accuracy and Documentation (TREAD) Act. Mr. Kane’s research into Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration and his report on the issue became the foundation for Congressional investigations in 2010. In February 2010, he testified before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce on the problem and before the National Academy of Sciences in June 2011. Mr. Kane regularly provides comments, testimony and data to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Mr. Kane is a frequent source for and commentator to the broadcast and print media on product safety matters and the editor of The Safety Record, a publication and blog on motor vehicle and product safety. He serves on the advisory and editorial boards for SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A., a national non-profit organization, dedicated to child passenger safety. He previously served as the co-chairman of the Centers for Disease Control / Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health sponsored multi-disciplinary injury prevention network, Mass PINN, which gives public health and safety professionals around the Commonwealth the opportunity to share information and data, forge partnerships, and advocate for public health and safety initiatives at the state and federal level. Mr. Kane founded and is on the board of The Safety Institute, an organization that examines areas of injury prevention and product safety, with a particular interest in the intersection of technology and injury. Mr. Kane is member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and International Motor Press Association. 

Safety Research & Strategies has an extensive and diverse staff. Please view our on site staff below. SRS also works with contract partners with a range of engineering and research backgrounds. Click to read more.

He brings to SRS a belief in the power of facts and data, an enthusiasm for technology, and a passion for meaningfully fusing the two. Prior to joining SRS in 2006, Mr. Click worked as a research assistant in several academic and specialized research settings, meeting project-driven demands and honing his ability to learn new skills on short deadlines. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Roanoke College, a Master of Library and Information Studies from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and completed two years of post-graduate study of sociology with an emphasis on secondary data analysis at Ohio State University.
His strengths include vehicle and product inspection and defect identification involving motor vehicle crashworthiness and post-crash fires, as well as a wide range of consumer product and machine cases involving bicycles, snowmobiles and ATV’s. Mr. Di Viesti also specializes in legal and technical document review and researching corporate structures. Centrally located in the Chicago area, Mr. Di Viesti has inspected and documented hundreds of crash-involved vehicles and crash scenes.
Mr. Di Viesti holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Marquette University. During his eight years of designing and manufacturing in the computer industry, he was granted six U.S. patents on computer connector designs. In addition, Mr. Di Viesti was awarded a patent for fuel system cut-off design. Mr. Di Viesti attended John Marshall Law School and is an attorney licensed in Illinois. He is a member of Chicago Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Mr. Di Viesti is also an arbitration specialist for the Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill.
Ms. Liberman’s specialties include authoring regulatory histories, congressional testimony, web content and white papers on safety issues from rollover occupant protection to the hazards of metal-on-metal hip replacements. She holds a Master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, a B.A. degree from Johns Hopkins University and a M.A. in Instructional Design from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She has worked in newspaper, magazine, radio and television journalism. Her print work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, The Baltimore Sun, Mother Jones, Yankee, and Child magazine, among other publications, and has won local and regional awards. In addition to her work for SRS, she writes a politics and policy column for Rhode Island Monthly magazine.
She utilizes an extensive and diverse network of automotive, medical, engineering, and diagnostic references to conduct thorough and targeted research. She holds a BA from the College of the Holy Cross in Art History, and is now obtaining her Masters in Library and Information Science at Simmons College in Boston, Mass. For six years, Ms. Little was a Quality Control Laboratory Supervisor for Technic Inc. in Cranston, Rhode Island. Technic is a global supplier of specialty chemicals and equipment to the semiconductor, electronic component, printed circuit board, and a variety of other industries. There, Ms. Little managed daily operations of the lab, performed analytical testing, wrote QC test procedures for Technic’s products, wrote training procedures for ISO 9001 compliance, and coordinated quality efforts with Technic’s staff in China and other global locations, ensuring product quality for Technic’s customers. Ms. Little is also a part-time reference librarian at the Ames Free Library, in Easton, Mass. 
As an associate instructor of automotive electronics and diagnostics at Southern Illinois University, Black trained with Dr. David Gilbert. Black is the author of Diagnosing Relayed Circuits for Undercar Digest, which is pending publication. In addition, Black has two years of hands-on experience, working as an auto technician for a Honda and a GM dealership, as well as an independent facility, where he repaired all makes and models. He is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and is ASE Certified in a wide variety of topics: engine systems, manual transmissions, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical systems heating and air-conditioning, powertrain electronics, and auto maintenance and repair.
Her specialties include research and analysis of injury tolerance and injury prevention, evaluating federal requirements, and developing marketing strategies and funding opportunities for new products. Ms. Zellers, a consultant with SRS, analyzes biomedical products from the research phase through to their real-world performance, including potential or alleged product defects, product design and premarket research/clinical studies, FDA approval, adverse reports, recalls, and the management of product failures in the face of ligitation.
Ms. Zellers received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University and her Master of Science Degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As an adjunct faculty member of the Biomedical Engineering Department and a Senior Scientist at the CDC’s Injury Control and Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Ms. Zellers lectured on the biomechanics of injury, total joint replacement, and vehicle safety issues. She also developed and implemented research projects that included mechanical and experimental testing, analysis of injury/accident databases, and evaluation of case studies to examine product effectiveness and injury reduction. Ms. Zellers worked closely with UAB’s Injury Control Research Center (ICRC) and the Southern Consortium for Injury Biomechanics (SCIB) as an Editor of the recently published textbook Pediatric Injury Biomechanics, which documents the current state of the art in pediatric injury biomechanics focusing on injury prevention in the automobile crash environment.
She is adept at government document searches, including crash tests and investigations and manages SRS’s extensive archives.
Mr. Pugh, based in Arlington, Virginia, has more than ten years of experience tracking down hard-to-locate documents and archival materials from the many Washington, DC area government repositories.