Kane Calls Assembly Vote on California Tire Age an Important First Step

SRS President Sean E. Kane hailed the California state assembly vote yesterday on AB496 Tire Disclosure Age bill, which cleared the state assembly, 48-21. The bill requires retail tire dealers to disclose the age of a tire to consumers in writing before the sale or installation of a tire.  Along with the tire age, dealers must provide the following statement about the increased hazards of aged tires:

“Tires deteriorate with age, even if they have never or seldom been used. As tires age they are more prone to sudden failure that can cause a vehicle to crash. This applies also to the spare tire and tires that are stored for future use. Heat caused by hot climates or frequent high loading conditions can accelerate the aging process. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that tires be replaced after six years, regardless of the remaining tread depth.”

Dealers would be required to retain those sales records for three years. The penalty for violating the law is $250.

“The assembly vote is a significant step in bringing important information to consumers and tire dealers” Kane said. “The bill provides tire buyers with critical information based on tire and vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.  Contrary to the protests by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, informing consumers does not burden retailers. It does compel them to play an appropriate role in educating the public about all aspects of tire safety.”

The measure now moves to the California state senate.