Our Success

With more than a century’s worth of experiences in safety research and advocacy, our team has earned a reputation for rigorous research and comprehensive analyses. We pay as much attention to the trend lines, as we do to the details. We know what’s out there and what’s missing. And when we present our work – to attorneys, legislators, government officials, industry or journalists – they listen. At Safety Research & Strategies, we believe in the power of information. Information helps our clients to make good decisions. Information shapes decisions, policy, and improves public health. Information leads to solutions and saves lives.

There are many measures of our success:

  • Finding the right information. Our staff excels in locating the documents that matter – a foreign recall, an email, or every government investigation ever launched on a particular product defect. While we never lose sight of the whole picture, we focus on the information that is most useful to our clients
  • Getting information to our clients quickly and efficiently. Our in-house resources are vast. And if we don’t have it, we know where to find it. Whether your deadline is in a month or an hour, the SRS staff can get it to you on time.
  • Identifying alternative designs. If there’s a better, safer way to design a product, we can find it. Our patent and technical literature searches globally can locate the best practices and guiding principles in product design.
  • Raising the profile of a safety issue. SRS has successfully alerted the media, policymakers and the public to a variety of safety hazards, including dangerously aged tires and crib tents that can kill and injure infants. Our consistent advocacy has resulted in recalls, news stories, successful civil litigation, and connections with consumers and technical experts who access the information on our website and contact us.
  • Advocating for better safety regulations. We regularly turn the data collected for clients into campaigns to amend regulations to make products safer.
  • Serving the public as we serve our clients. Our civil litigation research provides a real-world education in how products work or don’t work. When the data reveal a hazard, SRS seeks change, providing comments to rulemaking dockets, testifying before Congress or persuading reporters that this issue is worth a story.