Tire Aging

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One of SRS’s recent and visible campaigns has been devoted the examination of tire age degradation-a frequently invisible problem-and linking the problem to real-world crashes.  Mr. Kane and the SRS staff have been advocating for regulations that include non-coded date of manufacture and tire sell-by dates, and consumer information on this hazard.  Their work has been covered extensively in the media, presented at tire industry meetings and to government regulators.  Below are links to SRS’ advocacy work on tire aging:
May 1, 2009 Safety Research & Strategies Raises Tire Age Profile in California; Tire Aging Consumer Disclosure Bill Clears Committee
Sean Kane: Testimony before the California Assembly, Business & Professions Committee, AB496 Tire Age Disclosure
June 2, 2008 NHTSA Issues Consumer Advisory
SRS efforts lead to NHTSA Consumer Advisory warning that aged tires, regardless of tread, are subject to greater stress increasing the likelihood of catastrophic failure.  SRS has called on the agency to issue an advisory since 2004.  “While this doesn’t solve the tire aging problem, it is a significant step toward improving information available to consumers” said Sean Kane, president of SRS.
As of June 2, 2008 SRS has documented 159 incidents in which tires older than six years experienced tread / belt separations-most resulting in loss-of-control crashes. These incidents were the cause of 128 fatalities and 168 injuries. We have also included an additional 10 cases involving tires older than five years at the time of failure (half of which were more than five-and-a-half years old at the time of failure). These 10 incidents account for an additional 14 fatalities and 24 injuries.  This list represents incidents that SRS has identified primarily through a survey of litigation, which is one of the only publicly available sources of these incidents.
SRS June 2, 2008 Submission to NHTSA Tire Aging Docket
SRS December 20, 2006 Submission to NHTSA Tire Aging Docket
SRS September 28, 2006 Submission to NHTSA Tire Aging Docket (Statistical analysis of the agency’s “Phoenix Tire Dataset”)
SRS May 25, 2005 Submission to NHTSA Tire Aging Docket
SRS Letter to Ford
SRS Letter to DaimlerChrysler
SRS Letter to the Alliance
Ford Motor Company added a 6-year tire replacement recommendation, regardless of tread wear, to its website and all 2006 owner’s manuals.  DaimlerChrysler acknowledged it too will add a 6-year replacement recommendation.
In response SRS has requested Ford, DaimlerChrysler, and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers support a NHTSA-issued Consumer Advisory in order to reach a wider audience.