Tire Industry gets Anti-Aging Reality Check

It’s not often we encourage our readers to read a trade journal article, but a recent  commentary in Tire Review by Editor Jim Smith is a go-to.  The article is shockingly honest and puts the brakes on the industry’s claim of victory following NHTSA’s announcement that it wouldn’t pursue a tire aging standard. 

Smith also points out the agency’s findings on tire aging – while no surprise to tire and automakers – should make it abundantly clear the industry’s problems are far from over.  And it’s refreshing that we’re not the only ones who are continually confounded by NHTSA’s reports.  “NHTSA couldn’t decide on what it is defending” says Criswell.  Take a read of Decoding NHTSA’s Tire Aging Report.

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[Note: The initial version of the Tire Review article was credited to Kristen Criswell and later changed to Jim Smith.]